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Install Firecamp

Firecamp is available on all the major platforms where developers usually hang out mostly. You can install Firecamp for your favorite platform like

  1. Chrome Extension
  2. Mac
  3. Windows
  4. Ubuntu
Chrome Extension

Firecamp is available on Chrome Store, you can directly install it from here.

After installing Firecamp, you will see the Firecamp icon at the top-right corner of your chrome browser's tool-bar. To open Firecamp, click on this fire icon and you'll be in,


  1. Install it from Chrome Store
  2. Click on Firecamp icon to open Firecamp.

Happy Engineering!

  1. brew cask install firecamp (Recommended)
  2. or Direct download from here
  1. Direct download from here
  2. Firecamp will be available on Windows Store soon.

Installation Steps:

  1. Open the downloaded file Firecamp Setup 0.6.6.exe
  2. Follow the instruction and install the app by click on Next
  3. The app can be accessed directly from the Start Menu or the Desktop Shortcut.
Ubuntu (linux)
  1. Direct download AppImage from here
  2. Firecamp is also available for all the Linux distributions via snap store. To install it via command, run this snap command

    snap install firecamp --beta

Installation Steps:

  1. The app can be download and install from the Software Center (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (Xenial Xerus) or later with all major Linux distributions) or via command-line:

    snap install firecamp --beta

  2. The app can be accessed directly from the Dash or via command-line: firecamp