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Firecamp, A campsite for developers.

What is Firecamp?

Firecamp provides dedicated GUI clients for all real-time technologies. In addition, it serves the multi-purpose DevTools which helps developers to solve their daily life problems. Firecamp helps to boost the development, remove the team dependencies and improve productivity.

Indeed Firecamp is a campsite for developers where developers own dedicated clients for their respected real-time technology and feel relax with other utilities. Firecamp is all you need in real-time engineering for testing and building your code.

The main two building block of Firecamp are Apps and DevTools.

Next we'll see the RealTime apps and other multi purpose dev-tools.


App represent the testing/debugging client for respected Technology or Platform. Every technology or platform has one App that lets developer to test or debug requests, events and responses.

Apps are nothing but testing and development environment where developer can increase productivity, accelerate the development and maintain the projects with easiness.

Here is the list of some integrated Apps

  1. Fire-Socket - A SocketIO Testing Client
  2. Fire-WS - A WebSocket Testing Client
  3. Fire-AblyChannels - An AblyChannels Testing Client
  4. Fire-PusherChannels - A PusherChannels Testing Client
  5. Fire-base - A Firebase Testing client
  6. Fire-store - A Firestore Testing client

Each Apps are listed under Real-time Clients section left-side menu-bar.


The tools are the small piece of utility but solve the big problems in Developer's routine life. Like conversion between data type JSON, JSObject, XML or YAML code to any of them, Quick MarkDown, Regex pattern utilities, Password creator/validator, Token verifier and lot more.

Some integrated tools are listed below:

  1. Fire-converter - Convert JSON to XML to YAML to any of them
  2. Fire-Markdown - Quick MarkDown Editor
  3. Fire-JWT - JWT Token verifier

and many more

Each tools are listed under DevTools section left-side menu-bar.